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At Halo English we have a wide range of courses and a wide range of options to ensure that each and every person who is looking to learn English can do so in a simple and personalised way. We have courses from beginners to advanced English courses, private classes or in small groups, school reinforcement classes, preparation for university entrance exams, preparation for official Cambridge exams (such as the FIRST certificate or the ADVANCED certificate) where we have a 100% pass rate. In addition, during the summer, we also have intensive English courses for all ages and levels, and a ”summer camp” where children can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities while learning English. 

We offer on-line and semi-face-to-face classes. We offer the opportunity to follow the group and/or individual classes from home thanks to the cameras and screens that we have installed in our classes. In addition, we also offer the opportunity to carry out the classes in semi-face-to-face mode, attending only when possible. 

All the courses

Pre school

Kids up to 12



Halo Kids

At Halo English we have groups from 2 years old. At this age, children must be accompanied by an adult. From their first course, up to the age of five, our little ones learn English with the academy’s mascots, Ollie, Polly, Amanda, Tinna and Tommy.   

Other modalities


We offer online courses so that you can learn English without barriers.
We have everything you need for optimal communication between students and teacher at all times.

Schools and Companies

At Halo English we offer classes and personalised training for both schools and companies.
We adapt to the needs of each centre with a versatile range of courses for all levels.